Divers Growing Vegetables In Underwater Greenhouses

  • Welcome to “Nemo’s Garden,” a surreal — and beautiful — underwater garden off of Italy’s Northwestern coast.
  • There, National Geographic reports, terrestrial plants are grown in submerged plastic greenhouses dubbed “biospheres,” which can be seen glowing from the surface. And we gotta say: the pictures of these plastic, herb-filled oddities are absolutely stunning.
  • Sergio Gamberini, the man behind this almost fantastical project, isn’t just out to create something that looks beautiful.
  • He’s hoping that his plastic orbs, which rest between 15 and 36 feet below the ocean’s surface and hold about 528 gallons of air, will provide a water-conserving, overall sustainable alternative to on-land agricultural operations, particularly helping dry coastal nations grow more food without having to desalinate more water — a costly and resource-intensive process.
  • The plants require just a small bit of starter water, but from there, they’re self-sustaining. Sunlight heats the submerged spheres, which contain humid air that naturally condenses into freshwater on the walls and drips back into the soil.
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