DOJ Has Evidence To Charge Trump In Mar-A-Lago Case: Report

  • Justice Department prosecutors believe there’s enough evidence to charge former President Donald Trump with obstruction in the agency’s investigation into documents he brought back to Mar-A-Lago, Bloomberg reports—but investigators are reportedly still conflicted on whether it’s wise to charge the ex-president, and any indictment is unlikely to come soon.
  • The DOJ has alleged in court filings it believes “efforts were likely taken to obstruct” its investigation into Trump taking White House documents back to Mar-A-Lago with him, as the ex-president did not turn over all classified records when subpoenaed by the government to do so and allegedly “concealed and removed” documents from a secure storage room where investigators had asked him to keep all remaining White House documents.
  • If the DOJ does bring charges against Trump, it likely wouldn’t be until after Christmas, according to Bloomberg, and would certainly be after the midterm elections on November 8.