Outgoing Ariz. Gov. Ducey Still Building Cargo Container Border Wall

Ducey Fortifies Border With Hobbs New Arizona Gov In Weeks

  • Incoming Democrat Gov. Katie Hobbs has called Ducey’s go-it-alone plan to stack shipping container along unprotected stretches of Arizona’s border with Mexico a poor use of resources.
  • Hobbs has suggested repurposing the windowless containers as affordable housing  for homeless and low-income people.
  • Ducey began double-stacking the containers along the border months ago, running afoul of officials who said at least summer were on Native American property.
  • Hundred of the containers have since be place and double stacked on the border, and Ducey continued the effort until protesters recently slowed, then largely halted the work in recent days.
  • Gov.-elect Katie Hobbs said last week she was “looking at all the options” and hasn’t decided what to do about the containers after her Jan. 5. inauguration.