Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Goes To Hawaii 7-Eleven, Buys ALL The Snickers Bars To Right A Wrong

  • “I was broke as hell, so I used to steal a king sized @snickers EVERY DAY from 7-11 for almost a year when I was 14yrs old, on my way to the gym,” he said, noting that the candy bar had been his go-to pre-workout snack. He also said that the clerk — who was there every day to witness what he was doing, “turned her head and never busted me.”
  • “I’ve exercised [sic] a few big demons over the years (I still have a few left;) so I know this one seems VERY SILLY, but every time I come back home to Hawaii and drive by 7-11 … I always knew I needed to go in and clean out every Snickers bar they had — the right way,” Johnson added.
  • The video showed Johnson walking into the store and taking every Snickers bar off the shelf, loading them into a large paper bag. He took the bag to the front counter, and told the clerk “BK” to “ring all these up.”
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