‘Either Mayorkas Believes In Open Borders Or He’s Not Qualified To Manage Chuck E. Cheese’: Sen. Kennedy

FILE - Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., speaks during a Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing of then Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson on Capitol Hill in Washington, on March 22, 2022. Both of the Louisiana's U.S. senators, Kennedy and Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy, say they have mulled over the option of running for governor and plan on announcing their decisions for 2023. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File)
  • Sen. John Kennedy explained the three steps he would go through to help resolve the border crisis and what he learned after drilling secretary Mayorkas with questions about the border on “Your World.”
  • “Here’s what I learned today. I learned today that either Secretary Mayorkas believes in completely, completely open borders or he is not qualified to manage a Chuck E. Cheese. Now, he is not incompetent. He is not an unintelligent man. It is clear to me, after listening to the secretary for about three, maybe 4 hours, that he believes in open borders,” Kennedy said.
  • “There are three simple steps, one of which I asked him about that could solve three quarters of our problem tomorrow. He refuses to do any of those three. I repeat, I have concluded after today, he just believes the border ought to be wide open,” he added.