Ex-NYT Editor Slams Gushy, Overdone Davos Coverage, ‘Circle Jerk’

  • Former New York Times editor Jill Abramson suggested that the publication gives an inordinate amount of coverage to the World Economic Forum in order to enter the good graces of the various global figures attending the event and thereby securing their appearances at the Times’ functions.
  • “I noticed (after I was gone), much more ‘news’ coverage in the Times of Davos, quoting the attendees and speakers at those endless panels,” Abramsons told Semafor. “Of course, the coverage was a sweetener to flatter the CEOs by seeing their names in the NYT so that they would then speak at high-dollar NYT conferences and — of course — get phony news stories from the conferences into the paper… It was — and is‚ a corrupt circle-jerk.”