Expert Hydration Tips To Stay Cool Amid Sweltering Heat

Summer is here which means long strolls and rolling strides outside to enjoy the warm weather months.

And with heat waves already setting in across parts of the country, “Good Morning America” tapped Dr. Liz Weinandy, lead dietitian at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, to explain what to watch out for if dehydration hits, as well as the best things to drink and eat to keep your body nourished.

“There are several signs a person might be dehydrated,” she said. “Headache or confusion, extreme thirst, very dark urine, infrequent urination, fatigue, muscle cramping and lightheadedness. In extreme cases of dehydration, it can lead to heatstroke or hyperthermia (abnormally high body heat).”

When it comes to preventative measures and staying hydrated, Weinandy said, “the best way to avoid dehydration is to drink before you get thirsty.”

“In some situations, it is easier to get dehydrated, like being active in hot temperatures,” she continued.

While some supplements like hydration packets that are added to water can be helpful for some, Weinandy said H2O still reigns supreme for staying hydrated.

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