Families Of Marines Who Died In Osprey Crash File Lawsuit

The families of four Marines who died in a V-22 Osprey crash in California on June 8, 2022, have filed a lawsuit accusing the manufacturers of the twin-rotor military aircraft of negligence.

In a federal lawsuit filed Thursday in California, the plaintiffs allege that the makers of the aircraft, Bell Textron and Boeing, and the maker of its engine, Rolls-Royce, failed to make “truthful statements to the government and to service members about the design, operation, and safety of V-22 Osprey aircraft.”

The complaint alleges that in the California crash of the unique aircraft, which can rise vertically like a helicopter and fly horizontally like a plane, there were two systems that failed and the failures may result in a recurrent mechanical problem that can cause it to crash.

Boeing and Rolls Royce did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

A Bell Textron spokesperson said the company “cannot comment on matters of litigation.” A spokesperson for the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division that oversees the V-22 Joint Program Office said, “It is NAVAIR’s policy not to comment on pending litigation.”

Amber Sax, whose husband, Capt. John Sax, 33, died in the California crash, said in a statement that her motivation in filing suit was to get answers for others at risk. “Our military members deserve equipment and aircraft free of failures, especially failures that can cause the loss of their lives.” As a widow with two children, she said, “I should have been growing old with my husband. Our two children shouldn’t be growing up without their father.”

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