Favre Asks To Be Removed From Suit Over Misspent Welfare Funds

Retired NFL star quarterback Brett Favre is asking to be removed from a lawsuit by the state of Mississippi seeking to recoup millions in misspent welfare money.

  • A Favre lawyer filed papers Monday arguing the Mississippi Department of Human Services “groundlessly and irresponsibly seeks to blame Favre for its own grossly improper and unlawful handling of welfare funds and its own failure to properly monitor and audit” the program.
  • His attorney also argued including his client in the suit has had the intended effect of “attracted national media attention.”
  • Favre is not facing criminal charges but is among roughly three dozen people or companies being sued by the department as it seeks to recover at least some of the money misspent in the state’s largest-ever public corruption case.
  • The department filed the lawsuit this spring arguing the defendants “squandered” overr $20 million from the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families anti-poverty program.