FBI Headquarters in DC Named America’s ‘Uglyist’ Building

  • Buildworld scored buildings across the country by compiling tweets about their architecture and counting how many of them were negative.
  • Buildworld decided to leap into the debate by identifying the most maligned buildings in the world, judged by the language that people are using about them on Twitter,” the firm says about the impetus for the survey.
  • The FBI headquarters was designed and built in the late ’60s and early ’70s.
  • The federal government has acknowledged the building has at least outlived its usefulness.
  • Congress, as part of the fiscal 2022 Consolidated Appropriations Act, directed the General Services Administrator to select a new site “as expeditiously as possible” from one of the three previously identified sites during project planning in 2016: Greenbelt, Md.; Landover, Md.; and Springfield, Va.
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