Fetterman Uses Op-Ed To Defend Arm Tats, Make Stump Speech On Crime

Pennsylvania Democrat Senate nominee John Fetterman defended his arms tattoos, which he says honor resident killed when he was their mayor, after Fox New Channel opinion show host Tucker Carlson criticized them.

  • “I have nine dates tattooed on my right forearm. Each one is a day on which someone died violently while I was mayor of Braddock, Pennsylvania,” Fetterman says in his essay published Sunday on the NBC New website’s opinion section.
  • Fetterman, who often wears a hoodie with the sleeves rolled up, said Carlson’s comments were “unhinged,” as expected, but he took particular issue with him called calling the tattoos “fake” and costume.”
  • Still, much of the roughly 900-word essay was devoted to a key part of Fetterman’s 2022 campaign platform – his fight against violent crime.