Former FBI Special Agent Profiles Who May Have Murdered Idaho Students

  • Former FBI special agent Jonathan Gilliam profiled the type of person that authorities can expect to find responsible for the brutal murders of four University of Idaho students.
  • Gilliam said the suspect most likely has exhibited behavior that can be “easily identified” in their community.
  • “I can guarantee you that the behavior that we see exhibited in this murder was most likely an escalation,” Gilliam said. “And somebody who has either killed before or who has had a pattern of very odd violent behavior.”
  • “We know in the past with these types of killers that people have said later on, ‘Well, he was very odd. They had an aura of danger, or they were very violent. We just never thought to report this,’” Gilliam added. “And I think this is somebody in reflection that the general public in that area… can reflect on.”
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