Former Major League Baseball Star Gets 6-Year Jail Sentence

A Dominican Republic court ruled that ex-MLB outfielder Raúl Mondesi has satisfied his six-year, nine-month prison term from corruption charges through his house arrest, per the Los Angeles Times.

Mondesi has been dealing with these corruption charges since he was convicted in 2017 while serving as mayor of San Cristóbal, a city in the Dominican Republic.

Mondesi appealed the case and was placed on house arrest while that played out. It eventually came to an end on Friday, as Mondesi came to an agreement with the prosecutor’s office.

Prosecutors tried to have Mondesi sent to prison for the remainder of his sentence back in 2020, saying that he allegedly violated his house arrest. However, nothing came of that, and the Court of Appeals of San Cristóbal ordered a new trial for Mondesi in 2023.

The 2017 conviction against Mondesi saw him fined $1.3 million for embezzling over $6 million. He was also not allowed to hold public office for 10 years.

He was officially charged with “conspiracy of officials, falsification of documents, use of false documents, prevarication, embezzlement, and crimes of mixing in affairs incompatible with the quality of official and association of criminals.”

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