Georgia DA Fani Willis Claims Trump Allies Have ‘Oversexualized’ Her

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis testifies during a hearing on the Georgia election interference case, Thursday, Feb. 15, 2024, in Atlanta. The hearing is to determine whether Willis should be removed from the case because of a relationship with Nathan Wade, special prosecutor she hired in the election interference case against former President Donald Trump. (Alyssa Pointer/Pool Photo via AP)

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis took aim at her critics, while not directly naming them, as she spoke at a church outside Atlanta on Thursday.

The embattled district attorney is facing potential disqualification from the 2020 election subversion case against former President Donald Trump after she had an alleged inappropriate relationship with one of the prosecutors on the case. During her speech on Thursday, Willis accused her detractors of oversexualizing her and intentionally mispronouncing her name.

“I live the experience of a Black woman who is attacked and oversexualized,” Willis said, according to the Associated Press. “See, I’m so tired of hearing these idiots call my name as ‘fanny’ in a way to attempt to humiliate me because, like silly school boys, the name reminds them of a woman’s rear, of her behind.”

Trump has been a frequent critic of her, including mocking the pronunciation of her name at a March rally in Ohio by saying, “It’s spelled Fani like your a**.”

Another critic of Willis is House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH), who has investigated Willis’s handling of her prosecution of Trump. She took an apparent swipe at him during the remarks, saying that there are “politicians that spend no time doing their elected purpose” and pointed to a “clown in Washington, D.C.” who has been in Congress for “17 years and passed zero laws.” Jordan has been in office since 2007, and none of the bills he has spearheaded have been signed into law.

Earlier this week, Willis asked an appellate court to dismiss an appeal from the Trump camp of a ruling allowing her to remain on the 2020 election case in the Peach State.

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