GOP Rep. Invites Elon Musk To Move Twitter To Florida

  • “I am writing to you as the former Mayor of Miami-Dade County who now has the distinct honor of representing my community in Congress. We want to encourage you to explore our Free State of Florida and make the move to relocate Twitter to Miami-Dade County,” Giménez said in the letter.
  • “As Mayor of Miami-Dade County, I worked tirelessly to transform our world-class city into a global technology hub. Early on, we identified the tech sector as one with limitless potential and dreamed of luring companies from California’s burdensome Silicon Valley to the always sunny Tech Beach, right in the heart of South Florida,” he added.
  • The letter emphasized Florida’s freedoms over California’s “leftist dystopia,” referring to policies in the Golden State that have contrasted with the freedom focus under Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.