GOP Split: McConnell Yes Men Vs. Just-Say-No Conservatives

  • The national debt continues to spiral to dizzying new heights — almost $32 trillion now, double what it was just a decade ago — and the Democratic Senate just passed a new $1.7 trillion spending bill with the support of establishment Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, but it’s still possible to have a balanced budget, says California Republican Rep. Tom McClintock, if Congress can just learn how to say “no” to reckless spending.
  • Florida Republican Sen. Rick Scott said that Congress needs to identify its priorities and live within its means, just like ordinary households across the United States.
  • “I think the big thing is to do what I did as governor,” Scott said on the Just the News special. “Go through every line, pick your priorities, and then you can balance a budget. You can reduce taxes. During my time as governor, even though I walked in to a $4 billion budget deficit, we balanced our budget every year, and we paid off a third of the state debt.”
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