GOP Staffer Robbed At Gunpoint Speaks Out

A staffer for Georgia Rep. Mike Collins spoke out about a harrowing attack he experienced in Washington, D.C. over the weekend when he and his friend were robbed at gunpoint.

Octavian Miller, who works for Rep. Mike Collins, R-Ga., recalled the terrifying moment on “Fox & Friends.”

“We were walking through Navy Yard when all of a sudden two masked individuals jump out of their car and start harassing us. And next thing we know, we have two guns pointed at our stomachs. One of them asked for my watch, which I wasn’t ready to die for,” Miller told co-host Lawrence Jones on Wednesday.

Miller said his friend punched one of the suspects in the face before they fled.

“I’m just happy that this could have ended very differently. Thankfully, these two individuals weren’t looking for a murder charge,” he continued.

Ultimately, Miller and his friend were able to fend off the robbers and were left unharmed.

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