Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sander Ratifies Law Allowing Monument To Commemorate Abortion Victims At State Capitol

  • Arkansas put its near-total ban on abortions into force in June 2022, ensuring that innocent children will no longer be slaughtered en masse in the state. To ensure that those who did not receive the same protection in years past are not soon forgotten, Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders (R) signed Senate Bill 307 into law Friday, thereby allowing for the construction of a “monument to the unborn” on state Capitol grounds.
  • The bill — by Republican Sens. Kim Hammer, Tyler Dees, and John Payton and Rep. Mary Bentley — was approved by the state House last Tuesday, reported the Arkansas Times.
  • Bentley indicated that the design would be “something beautifully done to honor precious children.”
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