Graham, Other GOP Sens. Oppose Trump Pardon Promise

  • Graham, a Trump supporter, said the former president getting reelected, then pardoning people who rioted is a “bad idea.”
  • “Pardons are given to people who admit misconduct, rehabilitate themselves,” South Carolina lawmaker also said.
  • Senate Republican Whip John Thune appears concerned about pardons for those accused of crimes related to the riot without first having gone through the legal process.
  • “The only people that get pardoned are people who are charged with crimes,” said Thune, South Dakota’s senior senator. “If they were charged with crimes, they ought to be prosecuted like everybody else. The rule of law applies.”
  • Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley was more open to such pardons, saying, “I think that the folks who committed crimes, particularly violent crimes, on that day ought to be prosecuted. I think the question becomes, are there are people who’ve been caught up in this dragnet who, for instance, didn’t know that they were trespassing?”
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