Greece Closes Acropolis And Other Ancient Tourist Sites In Heatwave

Greece shut more ancient tourist sites in Athens on Thursday and elderly people took refuge at designated air-conditioned spots as the first heatwave of the summer persisted for a third day.

The famous Acropolis, set on a rocky hill overlooking the capital, and other nearby tourist attractions were closed on Thursday afternoon as winds from North Africa pushed temperatures toward 109 degrees Fahrenheit.

Many schools and nurseries across the country were closed to protect students from the heat, which was expected to recede on Saturday.

In Athens, tourists stopped at drinking fountains to cool their heads and necks. Locals sat in air-conditioned rooms set up by the city, using handheld fans to create a breeze.

Firefighters who put out several wildfires on Wednesday remained on high alert as strong winds were expected to hit several parts of the country.

Greece is one of the most hard-hit countries by global warming in Europe, with rising temperatures fueling deadly fires and erratic rains in recent years.

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