‘Half A Loaf’: JFK Assassination Document Dump Filled With Redactions

  • The National Archives and Records Administration released 13,173 documents related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on Thursday, shortly after President Biden issued an executive order authorizing their disclosure, but thousands of other sensitive records remain under wraps.
  • While Biden said the document dump was meant as a display of “transparency,” early signs are not encouraging.
  • Jefferson Morley, author of several books about the assassination, said that he and other experts were just beginning to pour through the documents, but added that “initial results are not encouraging,” pointing to several key documents that remained redacted in Thursday’s release. Rex Bradford, the foundation’s president, called the release “half a loaf.”
  • “The amount of documents released may look impressive, but at least spot checking … there are a lot of documents released with similar redactions that they had before,” Bradford said on a call with reporters.