Harvard Antisemitism Task Force Leader Unexpectedly Resigns

Students on the campus of Harvard Law School in Cambridge, MA. Harvard Law School is the oldest continually-operating law school in the United States and is home to the largest academic law library in the world. (Photo by Brooks Kraft LLC/Corbis via Getty Images)

Harvard Business School Professor Raffaella Sadun has become the second person to resign from her position on a Harvard University antisemitism task force.

Interim Harvard President Alan M. Garber confirmed the development in a statement to The Harvard Crimson.

“Professor Sadun has expressed her desire to refocus her efforts on her research, teaching, and administrative responsibilities at HBS,” Garber stated. “Her insights and dedication to this cause have played a significant role in shaping the task force’s mission and how it can effectively advance the important work ahead.”

In a separate statement, Sadun expressed gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to combating antisemitism and praised the task force assembled by President Garber. She affirmed her commitment to supporting efforts to address antisemitism at Harvard in her faculty role. Initially appointed by Garber in January as a co-chair to lead the task force, Sadun will be succeeded by Jared Ellias, a law professor.

Reportedly, Sadun decided to step down due to her belief that Harvard lacked a commitment to implementing the task force’s recommendations and had experienced frustration with the task force’s progress for some time.

According to a source close to Sadun, cited by The Harvard Crimson, her decision stemmed from the perception that the task force lacked the authority to ensure the implementation of its proposed measures to combat antisemitism. Garber had disclosed the full membership of the presidential task force on antisemitism and anti-Muslim and anti-Arab hate in an email on Sunday, initially establishing it in January.