Hilary Swank A New Mom At 48 To Twins – And Digging It

  • Actress Hilary Swank became a first-time mom to twins at 48. The news was confirmed yesterday as Swank posted a photo with the newborn twins. Swank who has appeared in many popular movies and TV series had taken a three-year acting break in 2014 when her father had a lung transplant, only recently making a return. The actress has been married to long-time partner Philip Schneider since 2018, though just now is fulfilling her lifelong dream of becoming a mom.
  • Now she is focusing her determination on a new task – motherhood. The actress announced her pregnancy back in October and is ready for all that it is. She did face some criticism with the news, as 48 isn’t a typical age to start having children, though it is becoming more common. Either way Swank is ready to begin her journey of motherhood.