Hillary Clinton Compares Pro-Lifers To Taliban

  • Speaking with Christiane Amanpour from a women’s rights summit Thursday, Hillary Clinton compared America’s treatment of women as part of a global misogynistic movement in line with Iran’s theocratic ayatollahs and Taliban-controlled Afghanistan.
  • “We have come along way on so many fronts but we are also in a period of time where there is a lot of pushback and much of the progress that has been taken for granted by too many people is under attack: literally under attack in places like Iran or Afghanistan or Ukraine — where rape is a tactic of war — or under attack by political and cultural forces in a country like our own when it comes to women’s healthcare and bodily autonomy,” Clinton said.
  • Clinton’s reference was a nod to the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent overturning of Roe v. Wade.
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