Home Inspector Finds 8-Foot Alligator In Attic

  • A home inspector saw a little more than code violations while inspecting a home in North Carolina, coming face-to-face with a live alligator in an attic.
  • Dean Brown, who has been a home inspector for a little more than a year, climbed up to the three-story attic of a New Hanover County home, where he encountered what he initially believed to be a stuffed alligator lurking in the corner, WECT reported.
  • “And then I started continuing doing my job, then I looked back at him and realized he was moving and breathing,” Brown told the outlet. “He was kind of asleep, I guess. But once I shined my flashlight on his head, his eyes started to open, and he gave me a wink and let me know ‘I’m alive’,” he continued.