House Committee Passes Preliminary Vote To Block Proposed Federal EV Mandate

Electric Vehicle charging (Ernest Ojeh for Unsplash)
  • A bill to block the implementation of federal EV mandates passed the House Rules Committee 9-4 on Monday.
  • The Choice in Automobile Retail Sales (CARS) Act will now go to a floor vote on Tuesday.
  • The EPA proposed aggressive tailpipe emissions standards earlier this year that would, if finalized, would require 67% of new cars and small SUVs to be electric, along with a large portion of heavy-duty vehicles, by 2032.
  • GOP Reps. Tim Walberg, of Michigan, and Andrew Clyde, of Georgia joined about a dozen other House Republican in introducing the measure, which aims to prohibit regulations that mandate the use of any specific type of technology or limit availability of new vehicles based on engine type