House GOP’s Internal Speaker Standoff Harbinger Of Debt Ceiling Battle

The internal battle with the House Republican Conference that for roughly a week delayed an legislative work likely foreshadows the group's moderate and conservative tangling in the coming months over raising the debt ceiling and reining in government spending. 

  • Conservatives in the House Republican Conference have made federal debt reduction, or at least not adding to the debt, a top priority.
  • Rep. Ken Buck and other point to the most recently passes omnibus spending bill that is projected to cost $7 trillion.
  • “There is a lot of good faith negotiation on how to make this institution work better so that it’s not broke so we don’t have an omnibus bill on Christmas Eve that’s 3,000 pages that nobody has time to read that is stuffed with terrible earmarks,” he said. “There really is a need to examine how Congress works and how to make it work a better.”