House Republicans Push To Allow States To Build Temporary Border Walls

FILE - This photo provided by the Arizona Governor's Office shows shipping containers that will be used to fill a 1,000 foot gap in the border wall with Mexico near Yuma, Ariz., on Aug. 12, 2022. The Cocopah Indian Tribe said Friday, Sept. 2, that the state of Arizona acted against its wishes by stacking shipping containers on its land to prevent illegal border crossings. (Arizona Governor's Office via AP, File)

House Republicans have introduced legislation that would allow states to secure the border by constructing temporary border barriers along the southern and northern borders to stop the entry of illegal immigrants.

Rep. David Rouzer, R-N.C., is introducing the CONTAINER Act in the House – a bill that aims to give states the authority to build temporary barriers on federal land in an effort to stop illegal immigrants and drugs like fentanyl from entering into their states via the U.S.-Mexico border.

The bill is in response to legal battles that hit both Arizona and Texas over their efforts to secure the border with new barriers after border wall construction largely stopped when President Donald Trump left office.

In 2022, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, a Republican, set up hundreds of double-stacked shipping containers across the border in an effort to stop illegal immigrants as numbers rose in his state. In 2023, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott installed wrecking-ball-sized buoys and razor wire along the Rio Grande as part of his Operation Lone Star.

Arizona’s barrier has since been removed. In December, a judge ordered Texas to remove its buoys in the Rio Grande, and a court battle between Texas and the Biden administration is ongoing after Texas sued the federal government for cutting the wire.

“Not only has the Biden Administration failed to enforce our laws and secure our border, but they have also barred border states from executing more robust border security measures,” Rouzer said in a statement. “No community is immune to the drugs, sex trafficking and crime these policies are incentivizing while enriching the cartels. This bill will give border states the explicit ability to erect physical barriers to protect not only their citizens, but all of America, from President Biden’s catastrophic open-border policies.”

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