Hunter Biden’s Baby Mama Says He Kept Drugs At Joe’s House, Slept With Her Friends

Lunden Roberts and daughter Navy (screenshot)

The mother of Hunter Biden’s estranged daughter has revealed that during her time in his inner circle, she witnessed a number of shocking behaviors, and that on at least on occasion, he nearly died from a drug overdose. Lunden Roberts explained that the first son kept a stash of drug paraphernalia “locked up” in President Biden’s Virginia home, and that Hunter often slept with her friends, including almost immediately after she told him she was pregnant with their child.

Roberts’ memoir, “Out of the Shadows: My Life Inside the Wild World of Hunter Biden,” is being published by Skyhorse, which is run in part by the Tony Lyons, the co-founder of American Values 2024, a super PAC and the primary supporter of independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. It is set to hit shelves later this summer.

According to the New York Post’s review of the memoir, Roberts was exposed to Hunter’s drug problems from the moment they met in 2017 at a party hosted by his investment firm, Rosemont Seneca, in Washington, DC. She first saw him shortly after arriving with a friend who had invited her.

He was by himself in an office wearing only boxers “with parrots all over them” organizing his drug paraphernalia, which consisted of glass tubes and copper wire. She said when they locked eyes, his were “the most beautiful” she’d ever seen, and she was immediately drawn to his “complex” nature.

Not long after, they began sleeping together. At the time, Hunter was still seeing his late brother’s widow after breaking things off with his first wife, Kathleen Buhle. Roberts eventually introduced him to a group of her friends she called the “Amoeba,” with whom he also had sex, often at fancy hotels.

Over the next year, Roberts witnessed him twerk on a stripper pole, constantly purchase and use drugs, and act erratically. She maintained, however, that he was still a kind person, highlighting a time where he gave a homeless man his jacket.

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