Illinois Gov Addresses Scandal-Ridden ‘Super Mayor’ Tiffany Henyard

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker, D., reiterated his support for any state or federal investigations into the infamous Democratic “Super Mayor” Tiffany Henyard from the Village of Dolton.

During an event on Wednesday, a reporter asked Pritzker about whether he’s weighed “stepping in” as the state to address Henyard’s controversial corruption allegations.

“We’ve looked into whether we ought to put resources, whether it’s state police and their anti-corruption efforts or asking the Attorney General,” Pritzker responded. “The reality is there are already two pretty significant investigations going on. We’ll support them in every way we can, but it’s just a matter if you want everybody running over each other in those investigations, or do you want two concerted efforts to get the facts?”

Pritzker also noted that the FBI as well as former Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot are currently investigating into Heynard’s actions.

“I think those are two pretty good authorities for looking into this investigation and looking into this and getting to the truth. We’ll support them,” Pritzker said.

Pritzker’s response follows a chaotic town meeting on June 3 after Heynard’s critics and supporters descended into a hectic shouting match. Police were forced to break up the altercation before it turned violent.

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