Ingraham Blames McConnell, GOP ‘Dinosaurs’ For Senate Losses

  • Ingraham made the comments at a Turning Point USA event in Phoenix at which she also called on the GOP to stop criticizing party nominees before elections.
  • “I’m not going to name names of who, you know, the type of people who kind of trash our candidates, a few months before the elections,” Ingraham said Saturday night, before coughing, “McConnell.”
  • “The old turtles, the old dinosaurs in the GOP … think about what they did in these midterms,” Ingraham also said. “They mucked around in New Hampshire supporting the candidate that was not, obviously, going to be the nominee. [Don] Bolduc.”
  • She also argued the “powers that be” also didn’t like other Trump-back Senate candidates including Blake Master is Arizona and Herschel Walker in Georgia.
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