Investigation Uncovers ‘Revolving Door’ Of Big Tech, DOJ Employees

Concerns grow in wake of evidence detailing collaboration between the DOJ and Twitter

  • As the lawsuit against the Biden administration alleging collaboration with social media companies to censor Americans continues, a new report has uncovered the extent to which former Justice Department (DOJ) employees are now working at Big Tech companies.
  • The American Accountability Foundation (AAF) investigated the resumes of recent hires and found that over 360 current employees of Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook/Meta formerly worked for the DOJ. Additionally, over 40 DOJ employees, many of them in senior roles, were previously employed at Big Tech firms.
  • According to the report, since Joe Biden became president, Google hired 40 former DOJ staffers, Amazon hired 61, Microsoft hired 26, and Meta hired 53.