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Jordan Formally Accuses FBI Of Meddling In Last Four Elections

  • The incoming chairman of the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday formally accused the FBI of meddling in the last four elections to the detriment of Republicans, citing the Russia collusion probe, the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story and the raid on Donald Trump’s home .
  • “When is the FBI gonna quit interfering with elections?” Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, asked a news conference laying out the GOP’s investigative priorities next year. He added that in “2016, they spied on President Trump’s campaign. 2018, it was the Mueller investigation. 2020, they suppressed information about the Hunter Biden story. 2022, they raided the President’s home 91 days before an election.”
  • “Maybe it’d be nice if the FBI and the Justice Department just stayed out of it and let we the people decide who we think should represent us, who we think should lead us,” he added. “That’s supposed to be how America works.
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