‘It’s Hard No Matter What’: Candace Cameron Bure Says Cancel Culture Can’t Force Her To Back Down

  • “It’s hard, no matter what. Especially when you are a compassionate person and you have a heart for people. But it’s important that we speak truth in love, ’cause, listen, nobody’s gonna change, nobody’s gonna listen to you when it comes out angry, when it comes out in a harsh way, but it’s important that we don’t back down,” she explained.
  • After Bure’s abrupt exit from the Hallmark Channel — which she attributed to a change in leadership and a shift away from faith-based stories that focused on traditional values and marriages — she faced a wave of backlash accusing her of bigotry and of selling out.
  • Bure responded by saying that she loved everyone — even those who hated everything she stood for – and confirming that she would stand in her faith despite their attacks.