‘It’s Silly Season!’ DeSantis UNFAZED By Relentless Trump Attacks

DeSantis remains unbothered by Trump attacks!

  • Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) joined Fox Radio’s The Brian Kilmeade Show on Tuesday.
  • Toward the end of the discussion, Kilmeade noted that DeSantis took no swings at Trump in his new book, which DeSantis has been on a media tour promoting. Kilmeade then asked if the two GOP leaders are speaking and noted that Trump “seems to be taking some shots at you.”
  • “Look, it’s silly season,” DeSantis replied, adding: “…what I wanted to do was give an honest appraisal of how we got to this point, the failures of the DC Republican establishment and how Donald Trump was speaking to things that some of the old guard refused to address.”
  • “That’s just a fact, and he can say what he wants about me. I always give him credit for the things that he did that were positive, and I’m appreciative of a lot of things that he did,” DeSantis added.