It’s The Victim’s Fault: Superintendent Blames Suicide On ‘Drugs,’ Dad’s ‘Affair’

  • The heartless superintendent of the school where 14-year-old Adriana Kuch was beaten in the halls two days before killing herself has responded to questions about her death with smears against her grieving family.
  • In astonishing emails to, Triantafillos Parlapanides, the Superintendent of New Jersey’s Central Regional School District who is paid $190,000-a-year, said Adriana – who killed herself in her bedroom closet on February 3 two days after being beaten – had been offered counseling ‘for drugs’.
  • He also made a shocking allegation against the girl’s grieving father Michael, a 22-year Army veteran, claiming he ‘had an affair’ when Adriana was seven that drove her mother to commit suicide, and later ‘moved the woman into the house’.
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