Japan Suspends Osprey Flights After Fatal US Military Crash

  • Japan has halted all flights involving its Osprey aircraft following the crash of a U.S. Air Force Osprey during a training mission in Japan on Wednesday. The incident resulted in the death of at least one of the eight crew members on board.
  • Taro Yamato, a senior Defense Ministry official in Tokyo, stated during a parliamentary hearing on Thursday that Japan would suspend the use of Ospreys starting Thursday until the details of Wednesday’s crash are clarified, and safety is ensured.
  • Furthermore, Tokyo has requested the U.S. military to refrain from flying Ospreys deployed in Japan until their safety is confirmed, except for participating in the ongoing search and rescue operations at the crash site, according to Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokzu Matsuno. Japanese defense officials noted that one U.S. Osprey has joined the rescue operation since the crash.