Jason Momoa Slammed In Full-Page USA Today Ad

  • The ad headline reads “DOES MOMOA CARE ABOUT THE PLANET OR PROFITS?” along with the text: “Jason Momoa’s new movie Slumberland must have him dreaming if he believes canned water will help the planet. He might make money off cans, but the planet will suffer.”
  • The ad directs readers to the website
  • “Jason Momoa is attempting to hoodwink his fans into believing he cares about the environment by demonizing plastic water bottles. But unlike the setting of his new movie, this isn’t the dream world, and he can’t fool his fans. The actor founded an aluminum canned water company—a material that is dirty to produce and a product that is littered five times more than plastic water bottles. If Momoa cared about the planet, he’d encourage recycling instead of touting his overpriced canned water,” Berman said.