Jennifer Lawrence Bashed For Female Action Hero Brag – Sigourney, Uma?

  • During a Variety “Actors on Actors” interview, Lawrence told Davis, “I remember when I was doing ‘Hunger Games,’ nobody had ever put a woman in the lead of an action movie because it wouldn’t work — because we were told girls and boys can both identify with a male lead, but boys cannot identify with a female lead.”
  • Twitter users slammed the actress, noting all the famous female stars who had landed lead action roles for decades before Lawrence did, citing Sigourney Weaver in 1986’s “Aliens,” Angelina Jolie in 2001’s “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider,” and Uma Thurman in 2003’s “Kill Bill: Volume 1,” as previously reported.
  • Not long after, people noticed that Variety had deleted the tweet that included Lawrence’s false claim.


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