Joe Biden Is Today’s Winner

  • The case against former President Trump puts all of Joe Biden’s scandals, and those of his family, in the back seat for now.
  • What a gift for Joe Biden. The president, who was supposed to announce his candidacy for a second term shortly after the New Year, and then immediately following the State of the Union address and then possibly…sometime in April. And now, maybe not until the fall, according to insiders.
  • Why the hold-up? Because Biden cannot possibly launch his reelection campaign while battling endless disasters and the scandals that are engulfing him, his family, and the White House. The initial plan to announce after the holidays was hijacked by the stunning revelation the first week of January that classified documents had been found among Biden’s papers at his Penn Center offices. And that the discovery, which occurred in early November, had been kept secret from the public until after the midterm elections.