Joy Reid Claims Biden’s Garbled Speech Is Proof His Age Is Not A Factor – Brit Hume Disagrees

  • He went on to say that people could look at the content of the speech and whether or not it was based in fact and made an impact simply based on what was being said, or they could look at Biden and how he looked and sounded while delivering the speech.
  • “The other way is looking at this man, this 80-year-old man, the oldest president I guess ever, and whether he got through the speech well,” Hume continued.
  • “It seemed to me there was an awful lot of stumbling and slurring and words left out and so on. So the question becomes this: does someone sitting at home worried about the future of our country — perhaps suffering from inflation and the other maladies, worried about crime, worried about the border — look at this man delivering this speech tonight and say, ‘I have confidence to give him four more years. He’s the man who’s led our nation so well, he’s fully in command’?”
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