Judge In Hunter Biden Gun Trial Reins In References To ‘Extravagant Lifestyle’

A judge on Friday handed out rulings on evidence attorneys will be able to use in Hunter Biden‘s gun trial, including limiting the types of references special counsel David Weiss can make to the first son’s past spending habits.

Judge Maryellen Noreika issued the decisions during a hearing in Delaware, where Biden appeared with his attorney Abbe Lowell and asked the judge to place certain exclusions on the material Weiss could use against him at trial.

Norieika, a Donald Trump appointee, granted some of the first son’s requests, known as “motions in limine,” but she denied others, according to the Associated Press.

In court papers ahead of the hearing, Biden’s attorneys asked the judge to prohibit prosecutors from referencing his past “extravagant lifestyle,” including references to “lavish” spending or money spent on pornography and strippers. Weiss alleged Biden spent “wildly” on these types of expenses in a separate criminal tax case.

Biden, a recovering drug addict, said such references would be too prejudicial to a jury, but he also acknowledged that any evidence showing drug purchases, cash withdrawals, or the purchase of the revolver at the center of his charges would be fair game.

Noreika largely agreed with Biden but noted that he could open himself up to expanding what evidence becomes relevant should he choose to testify in his own defense.

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