Judge Ups The Ante Against Tennessee Star For Exposing Shooter’s Manifesto

Tennessee Chancery Court Judge l’Ashea L. Myles on Thursday denied an emergency motion submitted on Wednesday by Daniel A. Horwitz, nationally recognized First Amendment attorney, on behalf Michael Patrick Leahy, the editor-in-chief of The Tennessee Star and the CEO of Star News Digital Media, Inc. (SNDM) to set aside her June 10 order establishing a show cause hearing for Monday June 17.

Myles is the judge overseeing the ongoing lawsuit which seeks to compel Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD) to release Covenant killer Audrey Hale’s complete writings, including those some have called a “manifesto,” in which both Leahy and SNDM are plaintiffs. Leahy and SNDM are similarly plaintiffs in the federal lawsuit seeking to compel the FBI to release the documents.