Kamala Harris Attends Secretive Gathering Of Liberal Elites

  • Vice President Kamala Harris on Wednesday appeared at an event hosted by a shadowy group of left-wing millionaire and billionaire donors to speak ahead of their four-day conference.
  • The Call Center Workers United Twitter account posted two photos from the event hosted by the Democracy Alliance, which included Harris holding a microphone while speaking to an audience.
  • The name of the event is titled “Powering up for Democracy,” and the screen in the background of the event shows that the four-day gathering is in Washington, D.C.
  • “Our very own Katrina Berry just spoke about our Nov. 1 strike and our growing worker-led movement at #DemocracyAlliance conference,” the tweet said. “She got a standing ovation from VP Harris, Jane Fonda, and more! We’re so so proud!! #1u.”