Kim Yo Jong Claims North Korea Will ‘Never Sit Face To Face’ With US Again

  • Powerful North Korean official Kim Yo Jong claimed Thursday that her nation was not even considering meeting with the U.S. face to face on any issues.
  • Yo Jong released a harsh statement in reaction to U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Linda Thomas-Greenfield, who joined representatives of many other nations in condemning North Korea’s recent launch of a military spy satellite.
  • “I deplore the fact that the UNSC, at which the purpose and principle of the UN Charter have to be strictly respected, is being turned into a land of lawlessness where the sovereignty of independent states is wantonly violated, extreme double standards are imprudently applied and injustice and high-handed practices are rampant due to the U.S. and some forces following it, and strongly denounce and reject it,” Yo Jong said.