King Charles Struggling To Evict Prince Andrew From Home Now In ‘Total Disrepair’: Report

King Charles is running into some trouble while trying to evict his disgraced brother Prince Andrew from his residence, according to a royal expert.

The scandal-scarred scion of the late Queen Elizabeth, who was named in January’s Jeffrey Epstein document dump, has reportedly been on the brink of eviction from Royal Lodge for years.

The Duke of York, 64, has been fighting to stay at the $37 million property ever since his friendship with the late pedophile financier came to light in 2019.

Andrew has been neglecting payments to maintain the property — which requires an annual $503,000 per year for upkeep, Us Weekly reports.

And according to royal commentator Ian Pelham Turner, Charles is struggling to snatch back the keys to the Grade II listed property.

“Prince Andrew is fighting very hard to remain a senior royal,” Pelham Turner told Fox News. “The problem is his home is in total disrepair … I believe Charles feels that spending money on Andrew would not go down well.”

“On the other hand, it was allegedly said by the queen on her deathbed to Charles to look after Andrew, who was always thought to be her favorite son,” he went on.

“King Charles is adamant that such a large house, especially if it needs a significant amount of money spent on it, he can only do that for William and [his] children.”

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