LA Transgender Surfer: ‘We’ve Taken Over This Goddamn Beach’

Will Roger Beach.
  • The comment about transgenders having taken over Will Rogers State Beach was made in a Los Angles Times podcast titled: “How Trans Surfers Find Community.”
  • According to a transcript of the podcast, the comment was made by Shelly Simon in celebration of the Trans Surfer Boogie and Beach Day recently taking place at the Will Rogers beach– after weeks of rain delays.
  • Will Rogers has long been considers a beach popular among the LGBT+ community.
  • Simon is one of the organizers and helps run a community for LGBTQ+ surfers called Dream Team Society.
  • “I remember the only surf camp that I could find was a Christian one, and I’m Jewish and my parents were, like, you’re not going to Christian Surf camp,” a surfer identified as Sam Greenspan says on the podcast.