Last Warnock-Walker Poll: Just 2 Points Separate Senate Rivals

  • We aren’t issuing a forecast for this runoff as we did for the general election, but we have calculated a polling average. And as of Monday at 4 p.m. Eastern, Sen Raphael Warnock was averaging 50.2 percent support, and Herschel Walker was averaging 48.2 percent. Again, this isn’t a prediction of the final results, just a summary of the polls conducted of the runoff.
  • The polls in Georgia ahead of November’s election were pretty accurate. In our final polling average of the state’s election for governor, Republican incumbent Brian Kemp led by 7.9 percentage points. He then won the election by 7.5. And in our final polling average of the U.S. Senate general election, Walker led by 1.0 point, which was 2.0 points off the actual election result. Although the polls had the wrong candidate in the lead, they were mathematically quite close to the actual margin. Polls are meant only to approximate the final result, not predict winners.
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