Left Is Attacking ‘The Santa Claus’ Because They Hate Tim Allen’s Opinion

  • For anyone who has been paying attention to our country’s culture for the last 30 years, it’s abundantly clear that Hollywood doesn’t like conservative actors. And, in conjunction with this, so do the rabid left-wingers who watch movies, write reviews, and work in production companies. Hell hath no fury like the Hollywood cult’s scorn for conservatives.
  • So it’s no wonder that The Santa Clause series has drawn the ire of many on the Left. The Disney+ series features Tim Allen as Santa, a character he has played for nearly 30 years. Allen has gained notoriety for his political beliefs in recent years, especially with his former show, Last Man Standing. Despite this show being one of the only programs that promoted conservative values — those horrible virtues of a strong family, hard work, honor, and integrity — Allen and Last Man Standing was still the target of the Left.
  • Allen’s Santa was criticized in the new series as being “too right wing.” Santa’s big, unforgivable sin? Lamenting the left-wing cultural backlash against saying “Merry Christmas.” During one scene in the show, Allen’s character, Scott Calvin, aka Santa Claus, says, “Merry Christmas is suddenly problematic.” Well, such a sentence was too much for the sensitive ears of the left-wing social media mob. While the Left diligently enforces what Allen claimed, highlighting such a fact is forbidden.
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