Left-Wing Media Has Knives Out – Again – For ‘Racist’ Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan withstood every Cancel Culture attack possible over the last few years.

He’s alt-Right! He’s spreading misinformation! He platforms hate mongers! And, of course, He’s racist!

The latter charge proved the most serious given the post-George Floyd landscape. Rogan’s foes dug through his old podcasts and found instances where he used the N-word. Rogan apologized for his comments, a risky move since the woke mob demands apologies but doesn’t actually accept them.

Except Rogan never called a black person the N-word, and the conversations came before the toxic word’s use in almost any situation became radioactive.

Plus, the same critics ignored Howard Stern’s repeated use of the N-word over the decades along with far-Left comic Jimmy Kimmel’s repeated blackface episodes.

It was all a ploy to remove Rogan from the podcasting landscape. And it failed.

Now, The Daily Beast wants to revive the racism charges against Rogan. To do so, the far-Left site twisted the truth.

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